Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunday in Guangzhou

We started our Sunday off right by worshipping on Shamian Island.  It was a most powerful and moving experience. It definitely made me think of how heaven will be!! The service was in Mandarin & English. There were mostly Chinese people worshipping along with a few other adoptive families.  We had the chance to talk with a few of our Chinese sisters & brothers in Christ - wonderful time sharing the love of the Father among people of another country and culture.  

Love my big pink bow - Mrs. Jennifer!  Thank you :)

I was in tears from the moment we arrived at the church. Katie thought that was hysterical- thus the close up- thanks KT!
We did not find a red couch at the White Swan Hotel this time but we did find a pink chair!  We made this our new tradition. Lucy Rose was not liking the photo session so our pictures are not very good.
Note the bubbles in the photo - trying to coax a smile out of our girl. She was not having that!

Katie pretended to be a model - which is the current trend for Shamian Island - lots of models & photographers all around the island. We had fun despite the incredible heat & humidity!

Katie was a star today - lots of girls & guys asked to have their picture made with her. She had so much fun talking with all of these girls.

Lucy Rose's first taste of ice cream.  She definitely was not used to the cold temperature. It was mango ice cream which was quite tasty.

Katie & Lucy Rose bonding over soda at Subway!

Thanks Mrs. Lynne for my adorable dress : ). 

Making our way back to the hotel after spending all day on the island.  

Lucy Rose and I ate dinner alone as Katie has made a new friend from South Dakota & they were having fun at the pool.  This little girl ate chicken, broccoli, saltines, & nachos. Said no thanks to the fruit again. Baby steps!

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  1. Well, oh my goodness. I decided to take a peek to see if you were still blogging. And there you are in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lucy Rose is as darling as she can be! Congratulations on adding another lovely daughter to your crew!!!!!

    We have moved to another town, and are now in the country in the mountains! Looks like you've moved FROM the country!

    Blessings to you, my friend,