Saturday, November 30, 2013

Still here. . .

Quick post to say I am still here - busy as ever with little time to shave my legs much less blog : )  But here's a brief update for any faithful followers who are still hanging around waiting on a post!
Hudson was an adorable pilgrim in his 1st school program.
Lilly enjoyed her 1st USC game!
And she's still as spunky as ever!
This little guy amazes us every day (and to those of you who told me he would - thank you - you played a tremendous part in leading us to believe that we could parent a child with no hands.)  Needless to say, Dawson is doing wonderfully!  He is receiving speech therapy and OT.  He is so loved and adored by his family, his therapists, friends, church family, and more!  I am still in awe that God has done such a work in our hearts.  I never would have thought David and I would be living this life. We have been blessed so abundantly - may be not the way most people want to be blessed in this world - but we are blessed indeed - beyond compare!
A ninja, Dorothy x 2, Belle, Woody, and the cutest little monkey!
I expected to be at a horse show with Shelby and Katie during our church's fall festival.  My children's surrogate "Grandma",  Mrs. Rebecca, was on stand-by to help David manage our brood.  Thankfully I made it in time to be there, but "Grandma Becca" still was a big help to us and went above and beyond the call of duty when she took Dawson on the BIG slide.  She is a faithful reader of my blog so this one is in honor of you. Thank you, Mrs. Rebecca!
Love my littlest monkey!
Hudson with his best friend, Cai, at their kindergarten's Halloween parade.
Although the USC vs Clemson game was awesome, Ethan just couldn't stay awake!  It was a struggle carrying my big boy to bed.
Go Gamecocks!