Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Today marks 2 weeks since Katie, Lucy Rose, & I arrived home.  The journey was long, stressful, & exhausting. . .we almost missed our flight out of Hong Kong due to a delay out of Guangzhou.  God was gracious to us & provided a kind flight attendant who escorted us to our gate in Hong Kong just in the nick of time. We were so thankful to be on that plane. We had to run through the airport in Dallas also & made it with enough time to grab Starbucks for me, French fries for Katie, & hot water for a bottle for Lucy!  
Leaving our hotel - China Hotel Marriott

Saying goodbye to our sweet guide, Summer & China!

On our flights home, Lucy Rose did a little reading . . .

and a little sleeping!

This is how Katie & I felt after 24 hours of journeying home!

Our last flight - freshened up & ready to be reunited with our family & friends!

Home at last - we arrived at our local airport at 11 am so 6 of my babies were at school!

Lucy Rose's great aunt and uncle drove down from NC to welcome us home . . . Aunt Lulu made Lucy Rose a cute hat since she has very little hair.

Enjoying the sunshine & being home!  Fighting jet lag & waiting on the school bus to bring home my other babies!

David came to the airport with Smarties in his pocket - Lucy Rose enjoyed the candy & is slowly learning to Iike her daddy.

Felt great to be home - with green grass & blue skies & sweet Dawson!

The littles arrived home at last! A sweet reunion indeed!

Even our awesome bus driver wanted to meet Lucy Rose!

These first few weeks home have been filled with lots of new experiences for Lucy Rose like  learning to tolerate our furry friend Boone. 

Trying on everyone's shoes - Lucy Rose has shown us how much she loves shoes - all sizes - even David's size 12.

Her shirt says "I'm kind of a big deal!"  We certainly think so!

Snoozing. . . 

Eating . . . 

Sweeping. . .
These first few weeks have been difficult at times as we all make adjustments, but it has also been filled with so much love & joy as Lucy Rose has become a cherished daughter & sister!