Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not on My Watch

Russia has closed the door to adoptions by Americans.
What a travesty this is for the thousands upon thousands of orphans who languish in orphanages there.  How heartbreaking for 46 families who have met their children in Russia and were waiting on their adoptions being finalized.
Guatemala closed. Now Russia. Which country will be next? What will we do as Americans?  As the Church? Will we sit idly by in our comfortable homes with our many me-centered toys and gadgets?  And our me-centered activities?    

Will China one day close its doors to Americans?  As more and more disruptions occur, this is certainly a possibility.

Only God knows.

Yet, it is us who must act on behalf of the orphan.

We must protect, defend, speak for, and care for the orphan as the Lord has commanded in His word.
Today, along with many other Americans, I am saying "Not on my watch!"  I am fasting and praying. To learn more please read Linny's eloquent words:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Blessed to share Christmas morning with my precious kiddos and blessed to get a great Christmas morning picture.
(the secret: no opening anything until picture is taken and approved by mom: )

Blessed to hear "Mama, my bike is perfect for me. Thank you so much."

Blessed to witness this beautiful expression of wonder and awe many times as Leiney Grace experienced her 1st Christmas morning in a family - as a 9 year old.  Beautiful!

Blessed to have David's mom with us.
(Katie was feeding the horses)

Blessed to have the 3 Musketeers in my life
Hudson with his cousins Caleb and Dargan
4, 3, and 2 years old
Blessed to finally have this precious document in my hands and to know that we are one tiny step closer to Dawson!   

And most importantly on this Christmas Day, I am blessed to celebrate the birth of my Savior.

Friday, December 21, 2012

I Wish. . .

Today is Dawson's 2nd birthday. 
My heart aches for so many reasons.
I wish he were here with his family.
I wish he were not in an orphanage in China.
I wish his birthday was being acknowledged there.
It is not.
I wish our homestudy had not been "lost" in the mail.
I wish SC DSS realized it does not take 10+ days for a letter to get from SC to USCIS in MO.
I wish we were DTC today.
We are not.
I wish this stage of the process did not take so.very.long.
It has been 2 months since our HS draft was sent to BAAS.
2 months for an agency approval, a DSS approval, and a USCIS approval.
I wish I had a I 797C in my hand.
I do not.
I wish I were holding this little guy and kissing those sweet cheeks.
I wish I could touch his little arm and stump and grieve for the absence of his limbs.
I wish we were celebrating Dawson's 2nd birthday with him today rather than without him.
We are not.
I wish that there were no orphans in the world.
I wish I could adopt a dozen more precious children who long to be loved and celebrated.
I wish my heart didn't ache for Dawson and the millions more like him.
But it does.
Happy Birthday Dawson/ "Jun" - your life will be celebrated today and every year after by your family who loves you!

This is the birthday package we sent - minus the cake.  Not sure when the package will arrive at the orphanage.  Hoping we get some pictures when it does!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Affording Adoption

Adoption is expensive!  So how do we afford adoption after adoption?  Adoptions 1 and 2 were paid for with our savings and selling a big possession that we were convicted of by the Lord that we did not need  - a lake house. We made many priceless memories there, but we grew to struggle with having 2 "mansions" on earth when most of the world struggles to have 1 decent home.  God convicted us at just the right time and blessed us with a wonderful selling price.  Adoption #3 was not so easy.  That was our first time having to fundraise - yard sales, bake sales, babysitting night for Valentine's, and a campaign to have folks help us by pledging to raise $200 towards the orphanage donation.  Lots of work and learning to be humble yielded a little over $6,000 - just what we needed for the orphanage donation.  Adoption #4 also required fundraising and selling of another possession - David's jet ski. 
                 3 seater jet ski + 7 kids = do not need
More yard sales, post card sales, BBQ dinner, and my favorite -
                                 GOAT MILK SOAP!
Once again, we are fundraising to bring home our sweet boy.        
 I don't enjoy fundraising. It's a bit uncomfortable.  It can be awkard.  Many think that if you don't have the money- don't adopt.  Let's just say there would be many, many more orphans if every adoptive family waited until they had the money in the bank to proceed with adopting a child in need of a family. 
Adoption is a faith filled journey and part of that faith journey is believing that He who called us will provide for us to bring our child home.  If you feel led to help us bring Dawson home, the first way you can help is by buying some fabulous soap for yourself or as a gift!  Next post - Details about Dawson!

Pink Sugary: My Favorite

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey: David's Favorite

Black Rasberry: Shelby and Katie's Favorite

Our first fundraiser for our adoption is underway! We are excited to be able to sell such a wonderful product as handmade goat milk soap made by a homeschooling family of 8. The Jonas Family of Indiana are the owners of Goat Milk Stuff and their website can be found at
I first began using this soap to support another friend's adoption. We are now hooked on this fabulous soap! The store brands of soap dissolve way too fast and are so drying on the skin. The goat milk soap bars are large, long-lasting, smell wonderful, and are so moisturizing. Please consider supporting our adoption fundraiser by purchasing a few bars of soap. They make wonderful gifts including teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. And a big shipment has already been delivered to my door so I bet I can have it to your door by Christmas!  Below is a list of the 10 scents of soap which are included in our fundraiser. Each bar is $6. Leave a comment to order or email us

Black Rasberry - a favorite of many

Clean Cotton - simple and fresh

Honeysuckle - will remind you of spring

Lavender - a best seller

Luv Spell - pink and pretty

Nautical - for the men but women like it too

Oatmeal,Milk,and Honey - what's not to love?

Ocean - a beautiful bar with a clean scent

Pink Sugary - heavenly and my favorite!

Purity - unscented,great for babies, eczema

In order to support our fundraiser, the soap must be ordered by our family. Just leave a comment with your email or email us, and we will make arrangements to receive payment and will then ship or deliver if you are close by! Thanks.

Monday, December 3, 2012


The story is long and the process even longer.  Yet in the end it is oh. so. simple.  We love the Lord with all of our hearts.  He has broken our hearts for what breaks His.  We have joyfully answered the call to begin a new journey to a little one who waits in an orphanage in China.  One who has been rejected from the beginning and who has since been passed over again and again. 

Rejected no more.  Now CHOSEN, LOVED and CHERISHED.