Monday, December 14, 2015

Lucy Rose Blossoms

Today marks 3 months since I met a very scared little girl on the other side of the world. 

Adoption always begins with lost and looking at these pictures from the first time I met our daughter on September 14, 2015, serves as a stark reminder of the loss our daughter suffered - not once, not twice, but three times.   First, abandoned by her birth mother, then transferred from her first orphanage, where I suspect she was neglected, to Shantou SWI. Then leaving Shantou SWI, where I believe she was loved and well-cared for as much as an orphanage can, to join our family.  Yet our God is indeed merciful and gracious.  Despite much loss in a short span of her young life, Lucy Rose is blossoming.

Luc Rose has gained about 3 pounds in 3 months. . . she looks so much healthier!
She is full of joy. Her smile is beautiful and her laughter is so refreshing to hear.

Lucy Rose babbles so sweetly and  is beginning to say some English words - mama, bye bye, shoes (this girl loves shoes!), apple, eat (boy, does she love to eat), more, outside, open, poop poop, & stop! 

Lucy Rose has gained much independence with eating.  She is now in a high chair or booster seat rather than my lap.  My lap (and her daddy's) served us well for attachment purposes, but she is loving this new found independence.  She now is able to use a spoon with an adaptive device.  The device fits on her left wrist.  I suspect one day she will be able to hold a spoon with just her fingers but for now, they are not quite strong enough.

Her little fingers are amazing.  She feeds herself "finger foods" independently and is able to hold her sippy cup on her own.

She is learning to enjoy coloring.  I found these finger crayons at Target, and they work perfectly for her. 

More important than any other milestone, Lucy Rose is learning to feel secure in our family. . .she gives love to us in the form of hugs, kisses, smiles, and utter delight when David or I walk in the door, and she receives our love with her whole heart!  This sweet girl has just started to sleep better at nap time and at nighttime too , and this is likely a reflection of her feeling safe and secure in our family.  When she wakes up now, she isn't crying the same cry . . . the old cry was one of fear - is she still here?  Sometimes now she wakes up and babbles and plays for a few moments but even if she cries, it is a different cry.  Because of feeling secure, Lucy Rose is also tolerating playing independently and venturing a little further away from me. 
And that is what adoption is all about.  A child who once had little of anything. . .little hope, little love, little happiness, little independence. . .now has a family who loves and adores her, a family who will never leave her, a hope, and a future, and she knows it deep within her heart.
And so she blossoms.